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London Tube Tour

Mind the gap and welcome aboard our London Tube tour. The tour of the worlds first underground railway lasts approximately two hours and you will travel through 150 years of London’s Underground history.

Your private tour will start at Paddington station and take you to some of London’s most famous, deepest, oldest, most beautiful and peculiar underground stations.

As part of the tour you will learn about the evolution of the London underground system when it was founded in 1863; how the different tube lines used to be owned by rival companies and find out why we now have electric trains instead of steam engines.

With so many fascinating aspects to the story of the London Underground such as the design of the stations, engineering principles, its places in popular culture and of course its place within the story of modern London are all discussed as part of the London Tube Tour.

On each tour the route may change slightly depending on improvement work on the network.

Please note that, due to the nature of the locations visited, this tour is not accessible for wheelchair users or for parents with prams.

The London tube tour will travel by tube going in and out of stations. You will also need a zone 1 Travelcard or an Oyster card topped up with at least £7 of pay-as-you-go credit. Please note this is not included in the ticket price. This tour is private so when you book you will have your own guide and not share the tour with anyone else.

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