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Battle of Britain Bunker Tour

Over 70 years after WWII ended, War Films are still big business. We’re all familiar with the action on screen, but how did those in charge really make the decisions that affected the outcome of the Second World War?

On this behind-the-scenes tour you can explore the real RAF bunker where Churchill and other great British leaders coordinated battles and successfully managed to fend off the threat of the Luftwaffe.

Your expert guide will give you the the ins-and-outs of life at the bunker, explain what the Operations Room would have been like and take you to areas of the bunker normally off limits to the public.

As one of the countries surviving Second World War bunkers, it has featured in numerous documentaries, TV shows and films including: Pan (Warner Bros), Britain’s Greatest Machines, In and Out (BBC), Fighting the Blue, Over Here (starring Martin Clunes), Warriors and many more.

After the tour you can explore the bunker’s RAF museum at your leisure. Some of the museums highlights include the packs that real spies would have carried when parachuted behind the lines, and find out what ‘passion killers’ are!

Need help getting to the Bunker?
We can arrange an all in one package of entry and transport to/from central London by private Black Taxi for a price of £361. Contact us for more details and to arrange a tour.

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